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The Evergreen Cemetery Project…
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The purpose of the Cemetery Project is bringing together in a single, user-friendly database all the different sources of information regarding Evergreen Cemetery.

Established in 1892, Evergreen replaced the Old City Park cemetery in Brewery Gulch, which was upslope from the drinking water wells. Several astute folks of the late 19th century suggested that such a situation might pose a health risk to the early residents of Bisbee. By order of the Common Council of Bisbee in 1914, the transfer of the residents from the old cemetery to Evergreen had begun. Today, there are over 10,000 burials in the cemetery.

The Evergreen Cemetery data available here represents the first phase of the Cemetery project. The data presented, which has been entered as written in the original records, comes from the following sources:

City of Bisbee ledgers recording sale of graves (1912-1999).

Mrs. Lillian Bilyeu Banchi & Mr. John Banchi compilation of "mortuary, church, and sexton" records (originals not available, 1927-1964).

Southern Arizona Genealogical Society & Arizona Pioneer's Historical Society records (1884-1926).

There are errors in the original records as well as possible errors due to interpreting hand-written ledgers and typographic errors. If you identify incorrect information or wish to add to the cemetery database, please send your information by clicking on this link and filling out the form. This information will be kept on file; the online database updated annually.

The first phase of the Cemetery Project was made possible, in part, from a Library Services & Technology Act grant. The second phase, a volunteer effort now underway, includes a physical inventory of the grave sites as well as information recorded on the gravestones.

The online version of the Evergreen Cemetery is now available. Click here to go to the search page.

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